Monday, 30 April 2012

TWD - Hungarian Shortbread

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie is Hungarian Shortbread. It is basically a shortbread sandwiched with jam in the middle. Of course Dorie suggests you make your own jam and gives the recipe she does also state it is fine to buy some. I had a BAD experience making jam last year which involved me spending months, and yes I mean months, trying to save my big pan which had the thickest layer of burnt sugar over it and so I have no intention of trying jam again too soon. For the purposes of this TWD, therefore, I have used the jam fresh from a jar which I bought at the shops!

The dough is made in the mixer; 1lb of butter (!!!!!) mixed up first until light and fluffy then add your sugar and egg yolks.

Then you add your flour and baking powder and the dough is complete, easy peasy. The dough is divided into two balls (or square type things in my case) and frozen for up to 30 minutes.

Once the dough is out of the freezer, one ball of it is grated into the tin, the jam added and then the second ball of dough grated on the top. I had loads of dough left over and I've left that in the freezer to use another time.

Here is the end result

You can see that my icing sugar went a bit yellow from the heat of the shortbread but apart from that they looked lovely and tasted really, really nice. I was planning to freeze half of them as there were far too many but my husband and daughter managed to polish them off (I'm dieting!)


  1. Wow, you own a rectangular pan, looks great, I like the yellow from the sugar.

    Ulrike @K├╝chenlatein

  2. Yeah.. these are not bars for the diet conscious!! :) I agree... just had one to taste!! quite a few of us went with store bought jam too!! :)

  3. Delicious Shortbread!... I'm definitely going to make it again.
    I loved it, and though I'd reduced the butter by 1/3 it still was great!
    Thanks for baking along!
    Greetings from Switzerland.

  4. Looks like you prepared delicious Hungarian Shortbread. Storebought jam is perfectly fine for this recipe - it also always depends on the season and on what is available in the stores and in the market. Well done!

  5. I halved the recipe, but I wish now that I had made all of it so that i would have another ball of dough in the freezer so that I could make these quickly again. And using storebought jam makes this even easier to make. Great job!

  6. oh your powdered sugar went much more yellow than mine! Glad it tasted good for you though! :)

    Alice @

  7. These were little sugar bombs, weren't they? I am sorry about your bad jam experience :-( That must have been a bummer.
    Great job - thanks for baking along this week.

  8. I love that you didn't have enough to freeze. My DH finished ours off without realizing it!

  9. We didn't end up freezing any of ours, either. They were just too good to last.